On The Street – Intervention Series

Margherita Gramegna

DAY TIME: The Horsebridge Centre reception. 11 Horsebridge Road, Whitstable, Kent CT5 1AF, 01227 281174

19 June – 04 July 2010

Check http://www.horsebridge-centre.org.uk/ for opening time during the Biennale.

NIGHT TIME: The Old Neptune pub exterior walls, facing the sea.

19,20 / 25,26,27 June – 02,03,04 July

From sunset till 11:00 pm

www.margheritagramegna.co.uk and http://www.horsebridge-centre.org.uk

margheritagramegna@yahoo.co.uk, mobile +44(0)7932698209

‘On The Street’ is a large-scale outdoor projection of short films, shot in London, Maidstone, Rome, Barcelona. The films present different interventions on street locations approached in a humorous and playful style, each showing the public reacting to the artist interactions, created with performance, interviews and using the camera as medium, placed in a social situation. An example is the funeral of Pope John Paul II in Rome. The scale of the projections, taking place on the walls of the Old Neptune pub, is itself a vehicle to create reaction; the outdoor is the natural site for such artwork.

Photography: Margherita Gramegna. ‘On The Street’ projections on location.