Internal States

Kati Saqui and Julia Riddiough

On the Beach in front of Keam’s Yard between Pearson Arms and the Oyster House Restaurant, Adjacent to the Whistable Biennale HQ

19th and 20th June   /  26 and 27th June  /  3rd and 4th July

Weekends only  (Saturdays and Sundays)

10am 5pm

Julia Riddiough 07876 594398

Information and images contact

Two collaborating artists using a caravan as a vessel for our current projects  raising questions around how we map our emotions.  An gigantic architectural nomadic viewing box signifying the exploration of the human condition.

Kati Saqui’s work; autobiographical ephemeral objects.

Julia Riddiough’s work; found postcard imagery with an interior monologue.

We will create a ‘Diary of Emotion’ to log their feelings and emotions as a response to the project. These will be collated in the diary and posted to our event blog at

Information and images contact