Removed Crossing

Tom Swift and Emrys Plant

Black beach hut with yellow door on the sea front, next to the royal oyster stores, Sea Wall.

19 June-4 July, private view sunday 20th 3-6 pm

Everyday 10 – 5

Tom:07798663155, Emrys: 07789637347

An installation of British country gothic tailoring. Woodland silhouettes born from paintings by Tom Swift, realised into printed garments by Emrys Plant.

Tom’s images are of a waste ground at the border of Whitstable, a place where as a child he remembers the towns detritus spilling into the countryside. The area is now managed by an active association whose efforts to bring order to the natural environment have brought it one shrub away from a suburban herbaceous border. The crux of the matter is the ability of the residents to maintain an integrity and ambition beyond the white picket fence.