Jim Hobbs, assisted by John Butterworth, including

Thorbjorn Andersen, Maya Attoun, Jenny baines, John Bremner, Metod Blejec, Riley Brewster, Zoe Brown, Clare Bryan, John Butterworth, Juliana Cerqueria Leite, Stuart Chubb, Louise Colbourne, Gillian Daniell, Caroline de Lannoy, Faith Edwards, Sean Edwards, Jamie George, Maria Glyka, Jenny Heishman, David Henningham, Jim Hobbs, Max Holdaway, Caroline Isgar, Tess Jaray, James Keith, Liane Lang, Tom Lomax, J T Lowen, Denis Masi, Morgan Mckeehan, Sara Mclaren, Suzanne Mooney, Rie Nakajima, Martin Newth, Flore Nove-Josserand, Sion Parkinson, Lisa Peachey, Ellie Reid, Hephzibah Rendle-Short, Alex Robbins, Marie Roux, Huan Kuan Sai, Martina Schmucker, Henrietta Simpson, Wendy Smith, Finaly Taylor, Anu Turunen, Vassilis Vastaras, Ruo Bing Wang, Richard Whitby, Aethan Wills, Gary Woodley plus other invited artists from the Whitstable area

Rear of 5 Harbour Street (entrance in Sea Street)Whitstable  CT5 1RG

Saturday June 19th and Sunday June 20th

12 – 6


Publication information:

Originally, this exhibition/exercise took place in London March, 2010, with over 50 international artists participating.  Each artist had been asked to create a work which deals with, rests on, engages with, speaks about, or actually is, a shelf.  For the Whitstable Bienalle, the organizers of this project have expanded it to include the work from various artists in the Whitstable area.  The end result will be a new installation where all the artworks will be forced into very tight confines, creating one large conglomerate work with a variety of microcosms within.