The Border of Visibility

Gabriela Stellino and Fernando Viani

Kent Cultural Baton

02.July 2010

performance times 03.02 min

Audio-visual composition

Experimental/ Innovative Visual Produktion for Painting, digital Media  and Music

A creation of Gabriela Stellino / Music and Composition: Fernando Viani

03.02 min


Border of visibility is a line-up of landscape-images, which shows the variation principle and the same point of view in sequences. The movements are a continuous sequence orientated at the horizon´s line.


Like the primary technique of animated cartoons the images are painted one by one. The images are the result of a constant observation of the same landscape. The images also try to find something in the subtle changes of the landscape. The infinite variations are the archives of inspiration.


The pianist Fernando Viani plays his composition specially made

for ’ Border of visibility.