Daily events

Whitstable Birds – Lisa Penny

At various locations

Marred Epaulettes – Peter Manson & Mandy Ure

At various locations

‘The ontological possibility of Utopia’ – Jack Brindley, Charles-Bayers Brown, David Spraggs

At various locations

Visual Artworks – Jim Lockey

Whitstable Library, Oxford Street

Spam Poem – Dan Davies & Dan Bass

Whitstable town & beach

 Tall Tales – Matt Rowe & Abi Gilchist

Whitstable Library, Oxford Street

Holding the Line (19-27 June) – Henrietta Williams

Beach hut no.30, 30 Tankerton West     4-8pm (weekdays)   12noon – 8pm (weekends)

Sea Light – Carmel King

Caxton Contemporary, Whitstable High st.      Wed/Thu 10-3pm               Fri/Sat 10.30-5pm   Sun 11-4pm

Perou’s Secret Diary – Perou

The Front View, Tower Parade    Weekdays by appointment only

A Suitcase Full of Sand – Lisa Pettersson

Caxton Contemporary, Whitstable High St.     Wed/Thu 10-3pm                Fri/Sat 10.30-5pm   Sun 11-4pm

Skin of Spaces 02 – Daisuke Hiraiwa & Jotta.com

Frank, 65 Harbour street      10.30 – 17.00 (weekdays –closed Tuesday)          Sat 10.30-5.30    Sun 11.00-4pm

‘Moving House’ – a site specific installation – Heidi Plant

Black beach hut on sea front next to the royal oyster stores, sea wall      10-5pm

The 10 x 10 Project (on display from the 29th June) – Kate Murdoch

Whitstable Museum & Gallery       Exchange Day 10-4pm

Kent Cultural Baton (up to 2nd July) – Nicole Mollet

Right of Horsebridge Jetty, Whitstable beach     10-6pm

The Colour of Memory – Adam Kossoff

Windy Corner Stores       9-6pm

‘On The Street’-Intervention Series – Margherita Gramegna

The Horsebridge reception(day)         Mon-Fri 9-6pm

Nature is the Church of Satan – Louise Colbourne

Near beach projected on wall and/or the Arts Centre     TBC                                   1 or 2 days 2-6/8pm

MariTimeOut (From 27th June) – P.S. Associated

Beach Hut HQ on Tankerton Slopes    10.00 – 16.00

Words are very unnecessary – Mark Christopher Parry

At various locations in central Whitstable

Beauty Spot – Rowena Easton

Tankerton slopes wood, behind the beach huts    Date(s) TBC    10am-10pm

A Chalk Path – Siobhan McGhee

Various locations in Whitstable

Drawing Whitstable Biennale – Natalie Kay

The streets and walls of Whitstable        Ongoing

T12 Art Tours – Hive

Visit website for details

‘Wish You Were Here’ – The Print Block.

East Quay, Next door to The East Quay Restaurant   11-4pm

Sea Noise Sea part of the T12 Art Tours       

Tansy Spinks in collaboration with sound artist Antoine Bertin and film maker Barry Lewis.       

The Redsands Sea Forts, Thames Estuary. Tours depart from Whitstable or Queenborough, depending on tides and weather, please visit our website for more details.  Please visit the Hive/Tansy Spinks website for details

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