The Endless Seminar

Kate Phillimore, Satellite Programme Organiser

The Little Blue Hut, Tankerton Slopes, Hut 139

Sundays 20th, 27th June and 4 July from 3-4pm


Kate Phillimore, organiser of the Biennale Satellite Programme, will be holding hourly seminars on each Sunday of the Whtistable Biennale to discuss contemporary curatorial practice, theory and challenges. Guest curators will be joining each Sunday to contribute their unique insight and lead discussions. These seminars are open to everyone, and we would especially like to encourage young and emerging curators to join us. A reader made up of a compilation of texts, thoughts and images will be prepared beforehand for all visitors.

Kate will also be blogging on this page, reflecting on the seminars and the discussions that took place. The blog is open and encourages thoughts and comments from anyone who would like to have input on any issues relating to the Satellite Programme or topics discussed at the seminars.

Appointments are not mandatory, but we’d appreciate it if you could get in touch with Kate if you intend on coming so that we can prepare materials accordingly.


Sunday 20: How to Create Your Own Exhibition with Little or No Money

Guest curators Courtenay Finn, Independent Curator, New York and Anna Gritz, Assistant Curator, Hayward Gallery

Sunday 27: Curating Outside of the White Cube

Guest curator Sian McMillan, Mentee Curator at Stour Valley Arts, as part of the CD:EK2 program

Sunday 4: The Future of the Satellite Programme – What Next?

Guest curator – Polly Read, Local curator, artist and former Satellite Programme Organiser

1 Response to The Endless Seminar

  1. Wendy croft says:

    Unable to attend seminars as hosting event at this time- would be good to have satelite participant meet up at diff time.also would be good to have some sort of out of hours viewing of projects as could hardly get to any.

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