Sea Noise Sea/Tansy Spinks

Tansy Spinks in collaboration with sound artist Antoine Bertin and film maker Barry Lewis.

The Redsands Sea Forts, Thames Estuary. Tours depart from Whitstable or Queenborough, depending on tides and weather, please visit our website for more details.

19th June – 4th July

Please visit the Hive/Tansy Spinks website for details /

Hive have organised a series of T12 Art Tours to coincide with the Whitstable Biennale. The arts programme for the tours includes four performances by sound artist Tansy Spinks on the WW 2 Redsands Maunsell Seaforts situated in the Thames Estuary off the East Kent coast. The performer will be responding to the site activated by using live recordings and an electric violin to layer sound in the haunting atmosphere of the derelict fort.

Image: Mathew Tickle