Art ‘n’ Soles

John Butterworth

The View (smallest gallery in Whitstable) 9, Oxford Street, Whitstable, CT5 1DB .(Walk down  Whitstable High Street, next to Whitstable Framers and Whitstable Museum )

w/ends of June 26/27 & July 3/4 and display throughout Biennale

Artist in residence at w/ends June 26/27 & July 3/4

11-4 pm daily and times can be booked for weekdays


This Artist Loves Shoes and is keen to meet you and your soles during his residency in Whitstable’s Smallest Gallery. ‘We are what we wear’, is something all shoe wearer’s will have considered, either consciously or otherwise .The Artist wants to celebrate your relationship with your shoes by giving his attention to the soles you are wearing and your personal attachment to your footwear .Visit the Artist in Residence to have your shoes painted/drawn or photographed for inclusion in his evolving exhibition about the shoes being worn out to this year’s Whitstable Biennale. A celebration of Art ’n’ Soles .